Seussville  play What Comes Next? Game


Audrey Wood  to print  Piggies


Or get more exotic and go to Robert Sabuda’s page and make a pop up card


Wonder with Jim Arnosky


Visit Judy Blume and read what she thinks about censorship


Tour S. Africa w Virginia Hamilton


Visit with Tomie ---


Couldn’t find an exciting cite of one of my favorites, Donald Crews


If your desk is messy, visit J.K. Rowling and feel better


Show a directory


Scroll on down to see the original drafts of Winn-Dixie


Spend a few hours with Jan Brett


If you’re hungry, go to Kevin Henkes site for the recipe for Lilly’s  Luscious Cheese Balls


Or you could travel instead to that Little House on the Prairie


Read the letter that convinced Abraham Lincoln to grow a beard


watch as women of Colonial Williamsburg make bricks  (or to gross them out, take a look at branding!)


find out the difference between myth and reality at Plimoth Plantation


take a state challenge at different difficulty levels


travel the solar system


learn about the human heart


get an idea for a better book report


play base ball with Beethoven


read a fairy tale


or a comic strip about libraries




Chase Vermeer


Read about roaches


Explore the Klondike


Check out the newspapers when you come back


Maybe you only have time to read the front page


Or maybe you want to go to the movies


Or just stay home and watch the pandas


Or just curl up with a good book…